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Bona AB is a family-owned, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors. Founded in 1919, Bona offers products for most premium floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl, resilient, rubber and laminate.

Bona offers a professional solution for renewing old, worn and cracked wood or resilient floors, bringing them back to life. With a century of experience around caring for wood floors, we've applied this same knowledge into renewing resilient surfaces like linoleum, PVC, rubber and LVT. The possibilities of transformation are almost endless if you prefer a new look of your floor and the downtime is shorter than you think.

Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare environments demand the highest levels of hygiene with fast, efficient and easy maintenance. The Bona Resilient Solution provides a monolithic surface that seals the floor against microbial contaminants and organisms. Additionally, the low downtime of floor renewal means putting patient and clinical rooms back in service fast.

Schools & Daycare Settings

Schools and kindergarten floors can experience some of the toughest traffic conditions. Durability is of utmost concern and the Bona Resilient Solution delivers with unsurpassed wear resistance backed by our warranty. We also understand the tight budgets that exist, so let us renew your floor with 40% fewer costs than replacing a floor.

Public Buildings & Offices

Maintaining public spaces depends on a number of factors, particularly on the amount of traffic. The excellent durability in Bona Resilient Solution ensures long-lasting protection even in heavily frequented areas. In addition, The Bona Resilient Solution eliminates the time-consuming and laborious task of stripping and polishing the floor thus allowing staff to work on other projects.

Retail Stores

For shopping centres and large retail spaces, image is everything. But unfortunately, those beautiful floors can start to lose their luster with constant deep cleaning and polishing. Using the Bona Resilient Solution clear coat can provide an extra layer of durability and remove the need to strip and polish a vinyl, LVT, or linoleum floor ever again.


Downtime equals lost revenue and can cost facilities upwards of millions of euros if not managed properly. Keeping your facility up and running is one of your top priorities and Bona can help. Finding an effective solution to achieve an inviting and safe floor without major downtime is a responsible solution. 

Cost Savings

New flooring, rising labour rates, and installation is an expensive endeavor, and many budgets don’t allow for that cost these days. Keeping your facility up and running while maintaining your budget is one of your top priorities and Bona can help. Finding an effective alternative to save money on time, labour and materials is a responsible solution. 


Commercial flooring requires a high degree of durability whether dealing with high traffic, frequent spills or constant rolling of heavy equipment. Keeping your facility upand running is one of your top priorities and Bona can help. Finding an effective solution to extend the life of your floors with added durability is a desirable solution.

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