With the country coming out of lockdown there is still the requirement for employees to, where possible, work from home. This will assist in keeping the number of people travelling on public transport to a reduced level and will accommodate access for those who are key workers or must travel to their workplace.

Within the staff who have been asked to work from home there will be a high percentage that have either: never worked from home, or are not set up to work from home, or do not want to work from home but must due to the current virus outbreak.
This Working From Home Well-being Assessment tool has been designed to help staff and employers evaluate and ensure that all necessary efforts have been taken to make these changes as smooth and stress free as possible.
In addition to sustaining connection to your employer and colleagues, it’s vital to ensure that the mental and physical health aspects are being maintained, as well as the ability to work from home in a positive and comfortable way.
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With companies listing their staff as being their most valuable asset, they are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that they are properly protected. Failure to implement a well-balanced Well-being programme, that is subject to periodic review, could leave employers open to loss of productivity, loss of job satisfaction, increases in absenteeism and a reduction in financial performance.


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